What is in a web site's name?

Choosing the name of your web site is a critical part of creating a web presence. Number one, to lend credibility to your web site purchase your own domain name (yourname.com). Domain names can be available from $6.95 per year and higher. There are some sites that can generate traffic with a subdomain ("subdomain.maindomain.com"), but that is not always the case. Some search engines will actually limit the amount of subdomains they list from a particular top-level domain.

If you are a company that already has an established name, it may make good sense to chose that name for your domain. If that name is taken, you can always abbreviate or use your company's initials. Your web site should be part of the branding and reputation that your company has already created. Let the domain name be something your customers can easily associate with your company.

Another option is to choose a domain name that contains the keywords of the services or products that your company provides. A great option would be to add keywords to your company name or just create a web site name with keywords relevant to your site. An example would a Scuba equipment retailer named "Dive Time" registering the domain name "suba_gear.com." This domain name contains keywords that a web surfer might type into a search engine when searching for scuba equipment. "dive_time.com" would also make a good domain name because it is the company name and it contains "dive", something scuba divers may use when looking for scuba gear.

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There are many options from which to choose. A good web site designer should be able to help navigate through the many choices.

There is more to search engine ranking than just choosing a good domain. Content and links are important elements. However, having a good domain name will certainly help.