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UpstreamCreations is located in Tampa Bay Florida, and provides web site design services throughout the world. Web development Services include low cost, high quality web site design, and search engine optimization for any new or established web site.

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Choosing a Designer for Your Web Site

Like web hosts, there are web site designers available for every budget. There are instances when price is not reflective of what you will get. There are high priced web page designers that provide low cost and there are low cost web page designers that provide high quality. A good way to find out about your designer is look at his or her own web site. With what quality is that site designed? Secondly, look at the portfolio on the web site. Are all the web sites in the portfolio the same? Is that web site designer a one trick monkey? On the other hand, is he or she able to create different types of designs?

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What is in a Web Site's name?

Choosing the name of your web site is a critical part of creating a web presence....There is more to search engine ranking than just choosing a good domain. Content and links are important elements. However, having a good domain name will certainly help.

If you are a company that already has an established name, it may make good sense to chose that name for your domain. If that name is taken, you can always abbreviate or use your company's initials. Your web site should be part of the branding and reputation that your company has already created. Let the domain name be something your customers can easily associate with your company.

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