Get Your Own Web Site

Here is a list of some basic things that should be done to get your own professional web site on the web.

Register your domain name.

There are several places where you can register your domain name. To check the availability of the name go to

Find a web site host.

There are web hosts available for every budget. Make sure it is dependable. Some hosts do not manage their servers, the computer where your web page will be stored, very well. Choose a company that can handle a large amount of traffic to the site. Many lower cost web site hosts are virtual web hosts. This means that more that one web account is stored on the server. A good web site hosting company will be able regulate the amount of traffic each web account has. That way if another account on your server is has too much web traffic your web site is still available to your visitors.

Popular Web Host Directories

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  2. Host Review
  3. Top Hosts

Choose a web site designer.

Like web hosts, there are web site designers available for every budget. There are instances when price is not reflective of what you will get. There are high priced web page designers that provide low cost and there are low cost web page designers that provide high quality. A good way to find out about your designer is look at his or her own web site. With what quality is that site designed? Secondly, look at the portfolio on the web site. Are all the web sites in the portfolio the same? Is that web site designer a one trick monkey? On the other hand, is he or she able to create different types of designs?

Like any service do your homework and chose wisely.