Web Site Design

UpstreamCreations spends time in designing custom web sites. Each web development project is undertaken with a thorough step-by-step process.

Web Site Design Steps

  1. Client Consultation
  2. Web Site Layout Design
  3. HTML Coding
  4. Testing of the Web Site

Web Site Design Consultation

The consultation is perhaps the most important aspect of the web design process. Time is spent learning the needs and goals the client has for the web site. During this step, we identify the target audience for the products or services the web site will showcase. We also make choices on graphics, layout, and color.

Web Site Layout

Information taken form the consultation is then used to develop the layout of the web site. A sketch of the site is made and then a polished version is made using Adobe Photoshop.

HTML Coding of the Web Site

What is considered the actual web site is made during this phase of development. The html coding is used during this phase to change the static layout made in the previous step into a fully functional web site.

Testing the Web Site

During this phase testing is done to ensure that all links and content are correct. Images and the layout are also fine-tuned.

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